A-level set practicals – factors affecting rates of photosynthesis


This updated version of our popular ‘algal balls’ resource is designed to support the use of practicals across various new 2015 A-level biology specifications (OCR, AQA, Edexcel and Eduqas).

Students conduct an investigation into factors affecting the rates of photosynthesis, using a colorimeter to record quantitative measurements.

Students will:

  • use appropriate instrumentation (a colorimeter) to record quantitative measurements
  • safely and ethically use organisms to measure plant responses to changing conditions
  • use ICT such as computer modelling, or data logger to collect data, or use software to process data.

Materials include:

  • Tested materials to support the A-level practical endorsement (CPAC)
  • Support materials for teachers and technicians
  • Student worksheet to help provide evidence for meeting the practical skills requirements
  • Student revision materials to help prepare for exams

Support materials for other key practicals in A-level specifications can be found on the A-level set practicals main page.

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