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The contents of this web site are protected by copyright. You may use materials freely for educational purposes, research and private study but may not, for profit or any other purpose, reproduce or transmit it in any other form or by any means without the written consent of SAPS. Requests should be addressed to:

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Some of the materials used on this site have been obtained from individuals and organisations. In such cases every effort has been made to ensure that the necessary permissions to reproduce copyright material have been obtained. However, should any omissions be noticed we should be grateful if they could be brought to SAPS’ attention.


How we use the data you give us

If you sign up for the SAPS Associates scheme, we will only use the data you give us to support our work of supporting plant science teaching in schools and colleges within Science & Plants for Schools and our funders, the Gatsby Charitable Foundation. For example, we will send you regular email newsletters. We will never sell your personal data on to third parties. Our website is managed and hosted by a web-development company, who have access to our database of users for administration purposes. They follow the same guidelines as the SAPS team, and will not use your data for any purposes except supporting the work of Science & Plants for Schools.

From time to time, we and our funders commission independent evaluations of our work from external research organisations. We may share the data you give us with these organisations, who will be able to use it for the sole purpose of the work we have commissioned and who will delete it from their records at the end of their evaluation.

You can leave the SAPS Associates scheme at any point, by emailingĀ saps@botanic.cam.ac.uk. Your data will be deleted from our records, and we will not contact you again.


Many of the images on this site have been taken by individuals who have licensed them via Flickr under the Creative Commons License.

We would like to thank all those who have shared their images in this way, in particular the IITA Image Library, the IIRI Image Library, Chrissy Long, Lincolnian, Uzi Yachin, SivandSivand, PhDStudent, MicahB37, Tony Hisgett, Formal Fallacy, Carlos de Paz, Koonisutra, Andrew Storms, Clay Irving, Alexandre Delaunoy, FMGBain (http://www.flickr.com/people/fmgbain/), Raymond Shobe, Pictoscribe, Adnan Yahya.

We would also like to thank the Gatsby Plant Science Summer School, for their many photos of students and lecturers.

If we have used your image without crediting you on this site, please let us know (saps@botanic.cam.ac.uk) and we will correct the omission.


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