SAPS Ambassadors

Are you an experienced science teacher or technician using SAPS protocols?

Do you want to share your knowledge of SAPS? 

Then you may be interested in joining the SAPS Ambassador Scheme!

All over the UK there are hundreds of teachers and technicians with great advice and support to offer those at the start of their journey into plant science teaching. We’re assembling a group of ‘Ambassadors’ to demonstrate our methods and materials to their colleagues and networks.


About the scheme   
The SAPS Ambassador Scheme has been developed as we look to build a community of SAPS Ambassadors (experienced science teachers and technicians) from around the UK to demonstrate our methods and materials to their colleagues and networks. SAPS Ambassadors are free to facilitate events in a capacity that is most suitable and rewarding to them. This could mean presenting for 10 minutes at a staff meeting, running a 2-hour session for INSET or presenting at a TeachMeet.


As a SAPS Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to:

  • receive free expert guidance on how to present SAPS practicals to others and what to say about SAPS
  • receive free training on showcasing the benefits of SAPS practicals to others
  • join the community and the SAPS Ambassador Facebook group
The benefit to SAPS is:
  • meeting you and expanding our community of experienced SAPS users
  • the opportunity to share our practicals across the UK

SAPS Ambassador Training 
We are able to provide our SAPS Ambassadors with a presentation, posters and other consumables to support the delivery each session. Throughout the year, we offer SAPS Ambassador Training free of charge where those familiar with SAPS protocols are provided with:

  • an opportunity to explore our SAPS practical activities
  • helpful hints and tips on how to use the resources most effectively
  • guidance on how to run your own training activity
  • an occasion to meet with your fellow Ambassadors from across the country


Below are some of the aims that SAPS Ambassadors had when attending the SAPS Ambassador training:

  • “To become more confident at training others both inside and outside my institution and inspiring others to love plants”
  • “To be more aware of the range of support available so I can talk more knowledgeably to the other teachers I meet”
  • “To obtain ideas for presenting resources to teachers and technicians”
  • “To share my enthusiasm for plant-based studies and practical work with others”
  • “To meet like-minded teachers and technicians who are enthusiastic about plant science in schools”
If you are interested in becoming a SAPS Ambassador, please email us via and share a little about yourself including your name, your role, your location and experience of SAPS practicals.

If you would like a SAPS Ambassador to facilitate a session at your place of work, email detailing the type of session you would like, the audience and topics to cover. We look forward to hearing from you.

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