Health and Safety


For the practical exercises and ideas described on this site we have tried to ensure that:

1. The experiments are safe to use in schools and colleges
2. Recognisable hazards have been identified
3. The necessary precautions for safe working have been indicated


It is assumed that:

1. These experiments will be undertaken in suitably equipped laboratories and/or work areas with adequate supervision by trained personnel
2. Good laboratory practices will be observed, and that as a minimum, the recommended precautions will be followed.


We recommend that:

1. Teachers/tutors undertake their own risk assessments of each practical before use
2. Students do not undertake any of these practicals without consulting their own teachers/tutors for advice.


Staff should refer to their employers for model risk assessments


Further information on safety

If you are in doubt about the suitability of any of the protocols outlined, please refer to relevant standard safety publications. Those in UK schools or colleges should refer to:

1. Hazcards (CLEAPSS, 1995) CLEAPSS can be contacted on 01895 251496
2. Preparing COSSH Risk Assessment for Project Work in Schools (SSERC, 1991)
3. Safeguards in the School Laboratory, 10th Edition (ASE, 1996)
4. Safety in Science Education (1996) Department for Education and Employment, HMSO
5. The ASE will give advice on Safety on 01707 267411

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