Plants for Primary Pupils – Safety and Copyright


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Teachers using these activities with classes of Primary pupils are advised to refer to the General SAPS Safety Notice and to undertake their own risk assessment where appropriate.

Further information on safety may be found from the sources listed in the SAPS Safety Notice and in this booklet.

Please remember

  • When working with plants, pupils and teachers should always wash their hands after handling plants (including seeds), soils, composts, manures, equipment and other related materials.
  • Plants (or parts of plants) can be poisonous, cause allergic reactions in some people, or may have been treated with chemicals (such as pesticides).
  • It is particularly important that pupils understand that they must never eat plants found in the wild or in the school grounds, unless given instructions that they may do so.
  • Children with very sensitive skin or allergies should wear gloves when handling plant material.
  • Wild flowers should not be picked and it is illegal for anyone (without the permission of the owner or occupier) to uproot any wild plant.

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