Build an aphid isolation tower


An activity to examine the effect of the aphid infestation on plants.

Create an aphid isolation tower from an old plastic soft drink bottle. (See the instructions on the file in the right)

You will now need some aphids to study:

  • Collect some aphids, e.g. on a leaf from your garden. The grey green cabbage aphid (Brevicoryne brassicae) is suitable.
  • Allow a few aphids (say 10) to crawl on your plants. Leave the plants under your lights to grow.
  • The aphids may feed and reproduce if they like your plant. If they don’t, try a different plant or a different type of aphid.
  • Pollinate the plants and let the seeds develop. Then examine the plants to see the effect of the aphid infestation.
    • How could this be measured?
    • What sort of control is necessary to make this a fair test?

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