Birmingham Institute of Forest Research climate change resources


The Birmingham Institute for Forest Research Free Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment (BIFoR FACE) facility at the University of Birmingham is one of the world’s largest climate change experiments. Towers built within mature woodland in Staffordshire pump out carbon dioxide, simulating the atmosphere we are predicted to have in the future. This allows researchers to study the effects of elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide on the ecosystem, exploring carbon storage, plant diseases, soil health, invertebrate activity and how these factors (and more) interact.

BIFoR has its own free online learning platform, BIFoR Education, with resources developed by teachers and researchers for students aged 11+. These include:

Visit the BIFoR FACE site to find these activities and more, including the opportunity to explore a mangrove swamp in either virtual reality or on your computer or phone. The resources are being expanded all the time so do check back from time to time to see if there is anything new for you and your students.

BIFoR FACE also features on the SAPS Amazing plants poster with resources to help you link BIFoR FACE to various areas of biology.

You can find out more about the BIFoR FACE programme on their website.

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