How to run a science journal club for A-level students


Me: “You need to read around the subject, especially if you are going to get top grades at A Level and demonstrate your commitment to the subject to universities.”
6th Formers: Blank looks and uncomfortable silence

A science journal club can play a valuable role in stretching and challenging your A-level science students, particularly for those who plan to study the subject at University. However, it’s not always easy to find open access papers that are at the right level for your students to read, and that will extend their studies so far.

This set of resources, developed by science teacher Dr Sarah Pannell, introduces how to run a journal club for your A-level science students.

She discusses the practicalities of when and how to run a club, and a suggested schedule for the opening term, from discussing the nature of science, to taking a look at one of the 20th century’s most influential publications. The resource includes a full list of suggested topics and open-access papers.

The development of this resource was funded using a SAPS Associates Award.

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