Developing skills for the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and other investigations


The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a stand-alone qualification that can be taken alongside A-levels or vocational qualifications, giving students the opportunity to study a topic that they have a particular interest in. Higher education institutions recognise that the EPQ helps to develop independent learning, critical thinking and team working skills that will be important for study at university.

This collection of 10 activities is designed to support students in developing the key skills they need to carry out a successful EPQ.


EPQ skills development activities

  • Activity 1: Developing initial project ideas
  • Activity 2: Deciding on a suitable question or issue to investigate
  • Activity 3: Planning your project
  • Activity 4: Choosing relevant scientific articles for your research
  • Activity 5: Researching using the internet
  • Activity 6: Producing a Bibliography
  • Activity 7: Presenting the data
  • Activity 8: Graphs and charts
  • Activity 9: Demonstrating the assessment criteria
  • Activity 10: Communicating and evaluating your project

The activities use examples from the Plant Science Futures website (, and so are broadly focused on science and social sciences. However, the majority of skills developed (writing a bibliography, avoiding plagiarism) will be of relevance to students planning an EPQ with a humanities focus.

The resource forms a set of templates for skills development activities that can be adapted by teachers for a range of purposes. They can, for example, be used alongside a Level 3 science course to improve students’ study skills.


Developed by Dr Angela Hall, educational consultant and curriculum developer

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