‘Fast Plants’ – Rapid-Cycling Brassica Kits


Our usual recommended suppliers no longer stock kits. We are currently looking in to an alternative supplier.

You can follow the complete life-cycle of these “fast plants” in only half a term! But they do need continuous fluorescent light. Seedlings appear within three days and the plants are flowering about twelve days later.

Each kit contains a comprehensive set of documentation together with advice on growing the plants, ideas for investigations, student sheets, teachers’ notes etc.

Great opportunities for investigations at the highest levels: AS/A2 projects, Advanced GNVQ assignments etc.

Basic kit:

Contains normal (wild type) high anthocyanin expressing seed, and everything needed to grow the plants (except a system for continuous illumination).

Simple Genetics kit:

Contains normal wild type seed, the seed of a mutant called Yellowgreen and F1 seed from a cross between the normal and Yellowgreen mutant.

Mendel’s Second Law kit:

Contains seed of two mutants: Yellowgreen and rosette and enables Mendel’s Second Law to be tested.

Variation and Evolution kit:

Contains normal and rosette seed together with gibberellic acid and advice on how you can test Lamarck’s hypothesis inside one term.

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