Raising awareness of STEM Careers with post-16 students


Sixth-form students are often unaware of the wide range of science careers available to them, falling back on old favourites such as medicine and veterinary studies. This resource is designed to raise awareness of a greater range of STEM careers for post-16 students.

This resource consists of 25 PowerPoint slides, each with information about a different science career, ranging from toxicology to environmental conservation.

These slides can be displayed at the beginning or end of a biology or chemistry lesson which relates to the career, providing a spark for discussion and raising awareness of career opportunities.

This resource uses information from ‘Jobfile 2011-2012’ (published by Babcock) to outline the basics of the role, the qualifications needed, and an indication of the pay scale. The information given is brief and factual: students wishing to find out more about the day to day realities of the career may wish to search the web for terms such as ‘careers profile’, ‘a day in the life of’, etc. More information on each career is given in ‘Jobfile’, and each slide includes an additional suggestion for websites to view.

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