Using Garlic in the Lab


Not just for keeping vampires away, garlic can provide a useful and easy-to-source resource for the biology lab, for looking at topics including mitosis and the cell cycle.


Teaching Topics

  • Mitosis
  • Fertilisation and Cell Cycle


Garlic, Allium sativum

A bulbous plant, originating in the mountains of central Asia.

Garlic is famous for its strong flavour and smell, and is used in cooking throughout Asia and Central and Southern Europe. In addition, garlic is often said to have antibacterial properties.

Growing and sourcing

Obtaining: Easily available in greengrocers and supermarkets at fairly low cost.

Care: Fresh garlic will need to sprout roots before investigation.  We suggest a range of root growth times – 5,2,1 day(s) before investigation. To sprout the garlic, see our guide here.

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