Using Green Algae in the Lab


Green algae (Scenedesmus quadricauda) is an excellent example of a typical planktonic algae. In the biology lab, it makes a wonderful resource for demonstrating photosynthesis, but in the wider world, it offers potential for creating algal biofuels.


Teaching Topics

  • Photosynthesis
  • Eutrophication


Green Algae, Scenedesmus quadricauda

A good example of typical planktonic algae with a four to eight celled structure, which stays buoyant because of spines. Widely distributed across the UK. (information provided by Sciento)

Growing and sourcing

Obtaining: Unfortunately algae can no longer be sourced from Sciento. We now recommend Darwin Biological

You can no longer buy the enrichment medium but you can obtain the recipe from the resource Photosynthesis using algae wrapped in jelly balls.

Care: Blades advise a warm room and the use of algal growth medium. They recommend subculturing your supply every three weeks.

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