Films on Pollen and Pollination


A range of wonderful talks on plant science from the TED website. Well worth watching!

Jonathan Drori: Every pollen grain has a story

Pollen goes unnoticed by most of us, except when hay fever strikes. But microscopes reveal it comes in stunning colors and shapes — and travels remarkably well. Jonathan Drori gives an up-close glimpse of pollen, and introduces how it’s been used in forensic cases, from murder hunts to identifying the sources of illegal drugs.

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Louie Schwartzberg: The hidden beauty of pollination

Director Louie Schwartzberg introduces his amazing film showing pollination in slow motion with plants around the world. For anyone like me who’s wondered why cacti have such incongruously large and beautiful flowers, the shots of bats pollinating cacti are a must see. A truly breath taking resource. (Louie’s film begins at 3.19)

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Jonathan Drori: The beautiful tricks of flowers

Jonathan Drori shows the extraordinary ways flowering plants have evolved to attract insects to spread their pollen: growing ‘landing-strips’ to guide the insects in, shining in ultraviolet, building elaborate traps, and even mimicking other insects in heat…

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