Growing seeds in a plastic bag


Materials Needed

  • a few seeds
  • paper towel [school ones are ideal]
  • stapler
  • plastic bag [the A4 sized kind which seals at the top works best]
  • ruler
  • water
  • label


  1. First, label bag with child’s name, date and seed name.
  2. Next, fold a paper towel so that it just fits inside the bag.
  3. Take a ruler and measure 7 cm from the top of the bag and staple a row of staples from one edge to the other through the plastic bag and paper towel. If you are using very small seeds then make the staples closer together. You will have a mini-pocket, 7 cm deep. This is where the seeds are going to sit.
  4. Next carefully pour enough water into the bag so that it will soak up through the paper towel but leave a small reservoir of water at the bottom of the plastic bag [about 2-3 cm].
  5. Then, take the seeds and put them in the mini-pocket so they are sitting on top of the line of
  6. Seal up the seed bag so no air can escape or get into it. Tape it to a window or peg to a washing
    line strung across the classroom.

Within a few days depending on the time of the year the seeds will begin to germinate. Children can
clearly see the growth of roots and then the shoot. As soon as the young plants reach the top of the
sealed bag they can be carefully removed and potted up.

Ruth Thomas, The Cavendish School

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