Biology animations – transport of water and sugar, respiration and photosynthesis and cell growth in plants


Our ‘Plant Biology’ animation shows three key processes in plant biology:

  • respiration and photosynthesis,
  • cell growth and differentiation, and
  • the transport of sugar and water

within the context of a whole organism.

We feel that this animation has a particular value in reminding students that the different processes that take place in a plant are interrelated. However, if you prefer, you can watch the individual animations via the following links:

This animation covers plant transport, demonstrating how water travels through the plant, and how sugars are distributed around the plant. This can then be related to the second animation, on photosynthesis and respiration.

This animation covers key topics of photosynthesis and respiration, with a particular focus on overcoming certain common misconceptions among secondary and post-16 biology students. This can then be related to the first animation, on transport in plants.

This animation shows the processes of growth in plants at the cellular level. It demonstrates how growth occurs at specific regions within the plant, how cells divide by mitosis, and how cells become specialised into different tissues (differentiation).


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