Revising A-level Biology: Plants ‘R’ Mint


‘Revising A-level Biology: Plants ‘r’ mint’ is an innovative revision resource, designed to encourage synoptic thinking and to develop a broader understanding of biology in A2 students.

Each of the four student revision packs brings together a range of topics in animal, human and plant biology, centred on a common theme. The revision packs are intended to stretch and challenge students. In particular, they demonstrate that plants and animals are interdependent organisms, whose biological properties affect each other.

From the effects of menthol on smokers, to mutation and its effects on evolution, this resource will challenge students to make links between topics, and develop their ability to apply existing knowledge in new contexts.

The resource is designed to be used in conjunction with a student’s own ‘study organism’ – a mint cutting taken by the student, and grown on by them over the course of the academic year. Having a study organism of this kind plays a valuable role in helping students relate the biological topics they covered to a real world example. However, the resource can be used without a study organism.

The revision packs can be used as a full programme over the course of the year, or as individual revision activities.

This resource will also make a useful revision exercise for students to work through independently.

Specification links are given for OCR Biology, but the revision materials will be useful for other exam boards.

‘Revising A-level Biology: Plants ‘r’ mint’ contains the following

  • Introduction sheet: Why mint?
  • Revision pack 1: Cell membranes; biological molecules; nerves; communication; hormones.
  • Revision pack 2: Exchange surfaces and breathing; health & disease; excretion; photosynthesis; transport in plants; respiration.
  • Revision pack 3: Transport in plants and cellular control; meiosis and variation; cellular control; evolution.
  • Revision pack 4: Classification; meiosis and variation; diet and food production; classification; cloning; biotechnology; gene technology.
  • Revision pack 5: Maintaining biodiversity and populations; cell structure and cell membranes; diet, food production and ecosystems; plant responses; animal behaviour; animal responses.
  • Creating your study organism: taking mint cuttings.

Plants ‘r’ mint was written and researched by Dr Richard Spencer, funded by a SAPS Associate Award, and exhibited at Science on Stage, Poland, 2013

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