Plant disease

This collection of resources introduces 14-16 students to the world of plant disease in a lively and engaging way. They include practicals and classroom activities to get your students thinking about plants as living organisms, with their own defences against the threat of invading pathogens.

Ideas about communicable diseases in plants are included in the updated programmes of study for Key Stage 4 science published in December 2014. These ideas will be included in GCSE Science courses from 2016 (for first assessment in summer 2018). Some of these resources were developed specifically with GCSE Science in mind, but we hope they will all prove useful to teachers covering this intriguing and important topic.

2020 was the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH) which aimed to raise awareness of the wider concerns related to keeping plants healthy.
SAPS have created a series of plant contexts which link to the aims of IYPH. These can be used to introduce core content across the biology curriculum, weaving plants and plant health throughout.  Click here to see the plant health resources that SAPS have developed linking to IYPH. You can find out more about IYPH here and keep updated on twitter using #IYPH2020.