ASE Conference – 2023

We are very pleased to attend the ASE Annual Conference at Sheffield Hallam University from Thursday 5th January to Saturday 7th January 2023. The ASE conference is a fantastic opportunity for you to explore our resources, receive top-tip insights and find out what we have been working on.


The SAPS Schedule – full listings on Sched

Biology Practicals that Work (Room: EMB 3201 STEM lab)

Our drop-in gives you a chance to try your hand or see demonstrations of some of our most popular resources and to grill the team about using plants in the lab. Amongst others, bubbling pondweed, algal balls, red pepper osmosis and plant disease resources will all feature. Come along to see any that you haven’t tried before, to remind yourself or just to have a play.

– Thursday 5th January, 1-1:55pm, 2-2:55pm & 3:30-4:25pm
– Friday 6th January, 1-1:55pm, 2-2:55pm & 3:30-4:25pm
– Saturday 7th January, 9:30-10:25am, 11-11:55am & 12-12:55pm

We will be providing the first 50 people who come along to our drop-in session each day with a free UV torch.


Research review – the power of plants to enrich biology teaching and learning (Room: EMB 3015 Classroom)

What does the research literature say about the use of plant science and plant-related contexts to enrich biology teaching and learning in schools?

In this session, Dan Jenkins (Head of Gatsby Plant Science Education Programme / SAPS) and Alistair Moore (Curriculum Specialist in Science Education, University of York) will present a summary of emergent themes and recommendations from a rapid evidence review and interviews conducted by SAPS and the University of York Science Education Group.

– Thursday 5th January, 9:30-10:25am


The importance of embedding plants throughout the A level biology curriculum (Room: EMB 3016 Classroom)

This session with the Biology Education Group (BERG) and Chris Graham (Head of Biology at Hills Road, Cambridge and seconded to SAPS) builds on Royal Society of Biology recommendations on plants in the curriculum, exploring benefits of incorporating plants throughout biology and discussing enriching plant contexts.

– Thursday 5th January, 11-11:55am


SAPS Biology Through Plants – inspiration for you and your students (Room: EMB 3201 STEM lab)

How can using plant examples across biology support and enhance your students’ learning? Focussing on addressing misconceptions, providing inspirational contexts and making connections, we’ll show how taking plants beyond the traditional “plant topics” can help inspire your students about the whole of biology.

– Friday 6th January, 11-11:55am

You can find the full listings for our sessions on Sched and you can catch us at the exhibition stand throughout the conference.

Download the document of useful links from the session.

Here are some delegates from previous ASE Annual Conferences getting hands-on with SAPS practicals.

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